Slideshare is this Blogger’s Best Friend

slideshare-logoI was raised on many tried and true “old sayings.” One of them was: Self praise stinks. So I guess this post will stink! In the vein that I’d like to help other bloggers who want to one day make a living from their writing, however, I want to share a happy moment with you.

In case you’re not familiar with me and my writing, I write a Monday to Friday blog called Marcellus Drilling News. It’s all about shale gas drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shale region of the U.S.—roughly stretching from mid-New York State to Pennsylvania, West Virginia and eastern Ohio. I work hard each weekday to find and share news about this important topic.

Part of finding and sharing is also sharing resources that I come across—like research and maps. The way I share downloadable information is by using a great online service called Slideshare. Think uploading PowerPoints and Word documents and PDF documents to an online sharing service—that’s Slideshare. It lets me embed the items I share right in my posts. Easy peasy.

The cool thing about Slideshare is that readers often find my blog site because they found interesting material on Slideshare first—and the material on Slideshare is linked back to my blog site. So I use Slideshare to help drive traffic, and prospective subscribers, to my website.

Slideshare is always evolving and looking for ways to make good material loaded into their service noticed. Currently they have several sections on their home page to highlight content that’s popular and being “talked about” in various places. Those places include the big three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The purpose of this missive? Today I had two of the items I posted to my Slideshare account (early this morning) get promoted to the home page of Slideshare—at the same time! One of them is in ‘Hot on Facebook’, the other in ‘Hot on LinkedIn’. Here’s a screen shot to prove it:

Slideshare homepage August 29, 2012

Click the image to see a larger version.

The item “Recommended Practices for…” under Hot on Facebook is an item I shared earlier today. The item “NY Counties Likely to See…” under Hot on LinkedIn is the other. This second item is a map with an extended explanation of where drilling is likely (and not likely) to happen in New York State once draft drilling rules are released—something created by my partner in crime, Ed Camp of ShaleNavigator, and myself.

Aside from tooting my own horn (another old saying), the purpose of this post is to aim bloggers at Slideshare. Set up and account and use it. Done right, it will bring new traffic to your site.

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