PC World Agrees with Me: Firefox is on the Way Out

firefox-chrome Once upon a time, not more than a year ago, Firefox was my favorite web browser. But then updates came along for Firefox that made it extremely slow on my old Windows XP machine. And I had troubles with some of the extensions (little helper programs that embed in the browser). Having no choice, because speed is such a critical issue, I changed to Google Chrome. And I haven’t looked back.

It seems I’m not the only one who came to the same conclusion about Firefox. From PC World via Yahoo! News:

Firefox is also so notoriously slow that on older systems, it’s almost unusable or it takes so long to open that you find yourself clicking the icon multiple times, thinking that your original launch didn’t take for some reason.

Chrome, however, is usable and responsive. Now you understand why Firefox might not survive the browser wars. Its extension model is annoying to use, it’s slow on older systems, it’s slower than Chrome on any system, and its extensions break other extensions.*

How about you? Which browser do you use? Tell me in the comments. If you care about speed, especially if you’re on a slower Internet connection, my advice is: Try Google Chrome.

*PC World/Yahoo! News (Aug 2) – Firefox Falls Further Behind in Browser Wars