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  • Interview: Cathy Mayfield (Writer)

    The final video interview I did at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference (MCWC) was on the last morning, Friday. Writer Cathy Mayfield lives a couple of hours from Montrose and has been attending the MCWC since 1997. She talks about why she keeps returning each year and offers her advice for new writers. Thanks for […]

  • Seth Godin and Tom Peters Talk About the Importance of Blogging

    Two of the biggest and brightest minds in the world of business (both of them authors), talk about why blogging is vitally important—for everyone! But especially for authors. Seth Godin, once VP of marketing for Yahoo! and author of books like Purple Cow, Permission Marketing and Linchpin sounds off about blogging, as does Tom Peters, […]

  • Interview: Mary Sue Seymour (Literary Agent)

    While at the Montrose Christian Writers Conference (MCWC), I caught up with Mary Sue Seymour from The Seymour Agency taking a break and rocking on the porch (a favorite hangout during the MCWC). Mary Sue talked about her role at this year’s conference, what type of books she’s looking to sign, the best way to […]

  • Barnes & Noble: How the Mighty have Fallen

    Multiple news sources are reporting that Barnes & Noble, the bookseller with 720 stores and the recent Nook e-reader, is thinking about putting itself up for sale. (Full disclosure: B&N is my favorite book or any other kind of store. I’m a fan.) Being a publicly traded company, B&N is constantly under pressure to try […]

  • Interview: Bryan Davis (Author)

    At the 2010 Montrose Christian Writers Conference (MCWC), I had the pleasure of meeting popular Christian fantasy author Bryan Davis and his lovely wife Susie. In fact, I had dinner with them (we sat at the same table) on the last evening of the conference. It was a treat for me to talk with both […]

  • Author Patricia Ryan Talks About Self-Publishing with E-Books

    Contemporary and historical romance novelist Patricia Ryan recently had an online “chat” with TeleRead where she offered her insights and predictions about established authors turning to self-publishing via e-books. Since 1995, Ryan has authored 27 novels and novellas for the likes of Bantam, Berkley Prime Crime, Signet, NAL, Harlequin and and St. Martin’s. It’s a […]

  • PC World Agrees with Me: Firefox is on the Way Out

    Once upon a time, not more than a year ago, Firefox was my favorite web browser. But then updates came along for Firefox that made it extremely slow on my old Windows XP machine. And I had troubles with some of the extensions (little helper programs that embed in the browser). Having no choice, because […]

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