Jazzed About Helping Authors Create Their First Blogs

blog One of the highlights of this year’s Montrose Christian Writers Conference (MCWC) for me was the opportunity to work one-on-one with a number of talented authors and writers to help them establish a blog for the first time. One such author is Marsha Hubler, bestselling author of The Keystone Stables Series of books for young people. Marsha writes about kids and horses—and what young person doesn’t love horses! Marsha is now blogging at: marshahubler.wordpress.com.

Another writer I worked with is Marilyn Naseth. Every couple of years Marilyn travels all the way from Minnesota to Montrose, PA to attend the MCWC. And now Marilyn is blogging: marilynelveranaseth.wordpress.com. Check out her blog! I especially like her recent post titled, “Golf and Writing.”

Another MCWC conferee was Liz Holbert. I did not help Liz set up her blog, she was already a blogger. I love Liz’s writing style, especially her humor. Liz is blogging at: zildamarie.blogspot.com/. You have to read her post titled, “Everyone’s Got a Bathroom or Two.” Laugh out loud funny. And the language she uses to describe her experience…well, I’ll let you read it for yourself. You’ll see why I’m a fan.

So many talented writers at the MCWC! It was a true pleasure meeting and working with each of you. I look forward to reading your blogs, your articles and your books. May God bless you as you keep writing…and blogging.







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  1. James Allen Willis Avatar
    James Allen Willis

    Oh, and one more I need to mention (actually many more, but one for now)… is Ed VanDeMark. He is one great guy. So unassuming and personable…a person you instantly bond with as a friend. Ed has had three stories published in the “Chicken Soup” books, among other literary accomplishments.

    Ed had a few questions for me about his already established blog, so we dealt with those and he’s now off to the races again, blogging away. You should subscribe and read him: http://oldelvdm16.wordpress.com/. I like all of his writing. One of my favorite recent posts is about Interesting Writers: http://oldelvdm16.wordpress.com/2010/08/03/interesting-writers/

    Keep blogging Ed!

  2. Liz Avatar

    You just made my day 🙂

  3. James Allen Willis Avatar
    James Allen Willis

    You deserve it Liz! Keep blogging. And writing!