Interview: Elaine W. Miller (author)

I caught up with Elaine Miller at the recent Montrose Christian Writers Conference (MCWC) and asked her about the courses she was teaching, her book and about the MCWC. She’s a great interviewee! In fairness to Elaine, this was an “on the spot” interview and she, like many of us, were getting little sleep. Even so, she gives a great spontaneous interview.

In the interview Elaine credits the MCWC with her start in writing and getting her first book published. Elaine said it was at MCWC she learned about the craft of writing and sold her first article to Salvation Army’s War Cry magazine (that article later became the first chapter in her book Splashes of Serenity: Bathtime Reflections for Drained Moms).







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  1. Ed VanDeMark Avatar

    It was great getting to know you. I made three of the changes you suggested but got lost trying to implement the rest. I also looked for you on facebook but there are at least 500 of you with the same name. If you’re interested and being a facebook friend with me there are only two of us with my name, it might be easier that way. I learned a lot from you and my most recent post on wordpress sort of deals with that.

  2. James Allen Willis Avatar
    James Allen Willis

    Thanks Ed! I’ll friend you on Facebook. And you can always reach me via email at:

  3. Lauren Yarger Avatar

    It was a pleasure meeting you at Montrose, Jim.