Friday the 13th – Remembering Laurie Bartram

Laurie Bartram On Friday the 13th I always pause to reflect on someone I once knew. Her name was Laurie Bartram. If you’re of a certain age you may remember the original “Friday the 13th” movie released in 1980. Laurie was “Brenda” – one of the camp counselors in the movie. Before becoming a movie star, Laurie played Karen Campbell on “Another World” (soap opera) in 1978-1979.

Laurie decided to give up her acting career and instead attend Liberty University, which is where I met her. We were both on the same singing team (called SMITE back then).

On occasion she would help me with my homework when we were on the road traveling almost every weekend to sing in different churches. Our team of a dozen singers criss-crossed the south in a big Silver Eagle bus. I’ll never forget, Laurie once helped me with an English assignment – she helped me understand what Hemingway’s “Hills like white elephants” short story was talking about.

After college Laurie got married, became a homeschooling mom, and sadly she passed away at age 49 (in 2007) from cancer. She was one of the nicest and humblest people you would ever meet, and it was a privilege to have known her for a brief time in the 80s.






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  1. Liz Avatar

    Wow! I didn’t know she OR you went to LU! I went there too!

    What a great school, and what a great place to meet cool people 🙂

  2. James Allen Willis Avatar
    James Allen Willis

    I agree Liz. A great school. Yes, I went back in the early 1980s. It was via Liberty I got my internship, and later was on staff, at The White House. A lot of great memories from LU.

  3. Liz Avatar

    Wow! that’s really cool 🙂 I’m hoping to visit this year for homecoming. Have you ever had the chance to go back and visit?

    I just got your mp3s from the blogging class at MCWC. I’m excited to listen to them!

  4. Bailey Cheatham Avatar
    Bailey Cheatham

    Her older brother Larry was my best friend back in St. Louis and I last saw her at his wedding in Chicago in the early 80’s. We walked around the block after a grand meal at her new in-laws house in Chicago and talked for 15 min or so. I think I can say this for everyone that Laurie was in a league of her own, what a impression she made on me. I’ve met tons of cool people in my 55 years but NOBODY has ever come close to her. Her parents were the BEST and I pray for them and the family she left behind. I breaks my heart every time I hear her name and I can understand why everyone who knew her have this empty hole in their hearts.

  5. Jeffrey Bryan Avatar

    Laurie Bartram was among the sweetest and most
    talented people to ever grace this world.
    She was my favorite of all of the female actresses in any of the F13 films.Her humble
    confidence and incomparable ,natural beauty
    will remain in our memories forever.

    Jeffrey Bryan
    White Oak,NC

  6. Dean Avatar

    A great talent – a natural beauty – and obviously a terrific mother and wife. Perfect example of staying humble.

  7. Jacob Swanson Avatar
    Jacob Swanson

    She Will Be Miss As A Beauty She Was On That Movie Friday The 13Th

  8. Camm Avatar

    I had no idea she had passed away. I remember her singing in the choir at my church growing up. She had a beautiful family and my heart aches for them.