Category: Technology

  • Changing Cell Phone Plan to Google Fi

    I transferred my personal cell phone (not the family’s, just mine) to Google Fi a few days ago. So far it seems to work well, although I’ve not had a chance to use it far and wide yet given the pandemic. The only downside I’ve found thus far is that when dialing a local (607) […]

  • PC World Agrees with Me: Firefox is on the Way Out

    Once upon a time, not more than a year ago, Firefox was my favorite web browser. But then updates came along for Firefox that made it extremely slow on my old Windows XP machine. And I had troubles with some of the extensions (little helper programs that embed in the browser). Having no choice, because […]

  • Firefox 3.5 is a Dog on My Windows XP Machine

    Firefox is my web browsing software of choice, and has been going on four years now. I love it’s speed and it’s extensibility. I can add all sorts of functionality to it–little “add on” programs that make life easier for a web worker like me (FireFTP, Delicious bookmarking and SeoQuake are just some of the […]